TD Team

Serkan Çelikçi

Security Manager

Serkan Çelikçi has worked as ramp chief, customs chief, warehouse manager, supervisor, duty-free and catering chief at various airlines and line maintenance companies for nearly two decades. He has been working in the Logistics Department of TD Team since 2015 and developed expertise in storage, determination of material needs to be used in aircraft, station setups, obtaining the necessary permissions for station setups and warehouse management. In addition, he has passed successfully the Aviation Security Instructor exams of the DGCA, Course 1 (Security Awareness Training), Course 2 (Basic Civil Aviation Security Training), Course 7 (Cockpit and Cabin Security Training), Course 12 (Security Management Training) and been authorized to provide related security trainings. Mr. Çelikçi has a good command of national and international security regulations.