TD Team carries out works that will benefit the world and humanity, believes in the power of being one and using our energy correctly. Our ambition is contagious; we are thrilled to learn something new every day, having joy to work with people like us. If you believe what you can do together with us is limitless, we would like to see you in our fantastic team.

If you wish to do internship or apply for a job with us, follow the below steps:

  • All our staff and intern vacancies are advertised on “”, and recruitment process is managed on this website.
  • We do not have any job vacancies other than the ones advertised on
  • Resumes for application at our company are collected in this website, and we do not receive applications via email or paper, as resumes submitted via email or paper cannot be filtered out or kept up to date.
  • Please visit the website to see current staff and internship opportunities with TDT, and attach a cover letter during the application process.

Human Resources Policy:

We have prepared our human resources policy in order to provide and maintain creative and dynamic capabilities to TD Team. We attach great importance to the recruitment, development and retention of team members who are capable and willing to internalize the spirit of continuous improvement and support the company towards long-term and sustainable success. For TD Team “human” carries a value attribute rather than being a mere resource. Thanks to this value, our business is carried out with our peaceful and high-energy teams, so customer needs and expectations can be met in the highest quality.

As TD Team, we have determined the following priorities within the framework of our human resources policy:

  • To be fair in recruitment process and professional career management.
  • Creating high motivated and proactive human capital with our target performance systems.
  • Supporting development and creating a sense of justice within the company through our performance-based career/education/wage systems and create a sense of justice through performance-based career/training/remuneration practice.
  • To create a corporate culture for continuous change and development and to ensure effective implementation of ideas for improvement.
  • Creating a common and collaborative work environment and making it sustainable.
  • Providing education and career opportunities.
  • To attach particular importance to occupational health and safety.

For other questions and suggestions, you can reach us at email address.

Our Address

TD ANTALYA Head Office
Güzeloba Mah. Rauf Denktaş Cad. 2209 Sok. No:24/101 Muratpaşa/Antalya

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