We provide aircraft line maintenance, engineering & logistics services in order for airlines to take off on time - each time!

TD Team aircraft line maintenance company was established in 2007. TD Team, successfully taking its place among the 100 fastest growing companies in Turkey, has the authorizations of SHT-145, OTAR 145, ARR-145, UK Part 145 and EASA part 145 with its strategic collaboration. With these authorizations; TD Team is operating in 8 stations in different parts of the world with 200 employees, servicing 12 different airframe and 23 different engine types of 42 Airlines from 23 countries. TD Team is aiming to be one of the best MRO brands servicing in the global market. In line with this vision Telepathy Academy was founded in 2017 in order to train qualified manpower, equipped with personalized trainings to reach a sufficient level of expertise for national and international aircraft line maintenance companies.

Organizational details

Our Address

TD ANTALYA Head Office
Güzeloba Mah. Rauf Denktaş Cad. 2209 Sok. No:24/101 Muratpaşa/Antalya

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